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ProLok™ / Hex Ferrules

Blasch patented ferrules are pre-engineered for each installation and come properly sized, accurately molded, and completely wrapped with all required fiber insulation. Installation is as simple as taking them out of the box and slipping them into the boiler tubes. No castable refractory is used between the Blasch Ferrules and only the most minimal amount is required around the periphery. Operators can save days on turnaround without the need to painstakingly install, and then cure out, large expanses of castable refractory.

Our patent-pending ProLok™ twist and lock two piece ferrules have several advantages over traditional one piece systems and offer increased reliability over current two piece ferrules available. By separating the ferrule’s head and stem, stress is removed from the concentration point where the two connect in a one piece design, allowing for better thermal expansion tolerance.


US Patent #8,646,515

Materials for ProLok™ / Hex Ferrules

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