VectorWall Mixing Checkerwall

Our patented VectorWall™ mixing checkerwall increases capacity and lowers the operation and maintenance costs of medium and large diameter high temperature reaction furnaces such as those used in Claus Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs). This is accomplished by altering the reactant flow path, creating significant mixing within the chamber thereby optimizing use of the available volume within the chamber. The VectorWall employs Blasch’s patented HexWall™ technology as a stable and reliable foundation for use even in oxygen enriched environments. The VectorWall checkerwall can be configured for a variety of new flow regimes including tangential vortex flow.

The benefits of the VectorWall mixing checkerwall lie in its mechanical stability and its infinitely variable mixing configurations. These configurations may be adapted to provide optimal mixing regardless of burner types and locations.

Significant enhancements in conversion rate have been achieved very cost effectively with the VectorWall.

Further, the walls are simple to erect.

The vast majority of refractory, by volume, used in the refining and petrochemical sectors is in the form of brick or castable. These allow for the greatest flexibility in installation, but greatly limit the ability to develop innovative component and assembly designs that work to the inherent strengths of refractory materials, which can, in turn, provide significant process improvement. One such example is the use of a checkerwall in reaction furnaces to improve various process parameters.

If you are interested in not only saving time on your next turnaround, but improving your process as well, download “Rethinking Refractory Design” to find out more.

Recent VectorWall installation for narrower residence time distribution


U.S. Patent #8,439,102

Product Videos

Split Flow, 2 Zone Furnace
Senior Market Manager Jeff Bolebruch discusses the process improvements that can be expected when adding our VectorWall mixing system to your reaction furnace.
Improve reaction furnace efficiency and process throughput in your refinery combustion process by as much as 50%
Blasch Precision Ceramics Hex Block Instructional Video HD
In this brief video, Market Manager Jeff Bolebruch demonstrates how easily our VectorWall blocks can be installed

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