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David Bobrek, Executive Chairman

Mr. Bobrek has over 35 years of technical materials manufacturing and management experience. He has been the President of Blasch since 1989, and has directed the company’s growth through his vision of developing new markets and creating strategic plans to leverage the company’s technology. Mr. Bobrek earned a Masters in Communications from Syracuse University and attended the Harvard Graduate School of Business for their Program of Management Development. 

Jack Parrish, President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Parrish joined Blasch as Controller in June 1998. He was named Vice President of Finance in 2001, Executive Vice President in 2005, President and Chief Operating Officer in 2014 and Chief Executive Officer in 2017. Mr. Parrish earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the State University of New York (SUNY) Albany, as well as a BS in Accounting from SUNY Plattsburgh.

Ted Collins, Executive Vice President, Operations

Mr. Collins joined Blasch in 1992.  In 1995 he was given responsibility for directing all aspects of Blasch’s engineering as well as new product development. In 2006 Mr. Collins  was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Other positions held include Manager, Process Engineering; Project Engineer; and Plant Engineer.  Mr. Collins earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Union College.

Jeffrey Bolebruch, Vice President of Sales

Mr. Bolebruch originally joined the company in 1990 as a Sales Engineer. He went on to became the global Senior Market Manager for the Chemical and Petrochemical markets, leading the company’s business development efforts in those markets through a period of expansive growth. He was promoted to Vice President of Sales in 2016. Jeff has a strong technical aptitude and has been an inventor in several patents during his time at Blasch. He graduated from the Military Academy at West Point with a BS in Environmental Science; and later earned an MBA from Marist College.

Will Russell, Engineering Manager

Mr. Russell joined Blasch as a Design Engineer in 2010, and became Engineering Manager in 2016. During his tenure at Blasch he has authored several patents and has led many important technical initiatives that have helped fuel company growth. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Hobart College, and later received a Master of Science Degree in Engineering and Systems Management from Union College.

Keith DeCarlo, Ph.D., Director of Material and Product Development

Dr. DeCarlo received his Ph.D. from Alfred University’s College of Ceramics in 2011. He also received an MS in Ceramic Engineering 2008, as well as BS in Ceramic Engineering (2006) from Alfred University. Dr. DeCarlo joined Blasch Precision Ceramics in 2011 as a Development Engineer. His work in optimizing material consistency and functionality, and in development of new material formulations have been major contributors in accelerating company growth. In 2012 Dr. DeCarlo was promoted to Research and Development Department Manager, and in 2016 he became Director of Material and Product Development.

Jon Solnes, GSP Division Manager

Mr. Solnes joined the company in 2000. He initially began his career at Blasch in Customer Service, and later moved into Processing Engineering role with the company. In 2010 Mr. Solnes became Manager of the company’s Global Specialty Products Division, and opened its distribution facility that is located in Beaufort, South Carolina. He is responsible for sourcing, logistics, and quality assurance of all products sold through the division.