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Where Your Ideas Take Shape in Ceramic

Regardless of industry or problem, Blasch Precision Ceramics will work with you to create custom ceramic parts to solve it. Our engineered ceramic solutions can also serve as an alternative to your current process or system. With our shape making capabilities and host of materials, you can expect a longer life span to your products, improved performance in your processes, and reduced downtime with installation.

Most of our current ceramic offerings were born out of a specific customer need and our engineering collaboration to address that need. Following are some examples of products that were developed in close collaboration with our customers.


Pinova, Inc, supplier of state-of-the-art performance specialty rosin, polyterpene resins, and sensory ingredients headquartered in Brunswick, GA, worked with Blasch to create a turnkey ceramic alternative to their current metal dust collector components located in their onsite 7mw boiler. Blasch’s SiClone™ dust collectors exhibit exceptional wear resistance and have shown to have a much longer life span than their metallic counterparts, reducing downtime in installation and avoiding maintenance costs. Read their story now.



Regardless of design, the mechanical stability of refractory has traditionally been problematic in sulfur recovery units within reaction furnaces. Blasch’s VectorWall™ mixing checkerwall utilizes hexagonal blocks that are designed to be stacked dry, are mechanically engaged through a series of tabs and slots, and are available in a range of widths to accommodate any furnace size. Not only does the VectorWall provide ease of installation and mechanical stability, it also provides variable mixing configurations for your process.



Hatch contracted with Blasch to build engineered pre-cast NBSC (nitride bonded silicon carbide) liners, mortared into alloy shells. These were installed in an acid rich, highly abrasive Autoclave application at a gold mine. The ability for the customer to buy the assemblies from one contractor was beneficial and saved on cost and timing. 




Customers expressed interest in purchasing a complete assembly of steel pipe and silicon carbide lining. With their input, our engineers designed and created a lining system that became a turnkey ceramic solution, enabling customers to purchase the entire assembly from one vendor.