- Molten Metals -

The highest performing ceramic products and materials for the containment, control and refinement of molten metal

- Chemical Processing -

Precast ceramic shapes for the chemical process industry where high temperatures, abrasion and difficult chemicals are found

- Mining -

Abrasion resistant ceramic shapes for separation, classifying and slurry transportation of ore

- Heavy Industrial Processing -

High temperature, corrosion and abrasion resistant ceramic shapes used in many heavy industries world wide

- Power Generation -

Abrasion resistant ceramic shapes that replace or line steel components used in the power generation industry

- Industrial Process Heating -

High temperature resistant ceramic shapes used in furnaces and kilns around the world


Blasch Introduces Wear Resistant CeraLine™

Blasch announces CeraLine™ – its new abrasion resistant product line including ceramic lined elbows, pipe and spool linings

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Vectorwall Tiles Made Easy to Install

Senior Market Manager Jeff Bolebruch demonstrates how quickly and easily our VectorWall blocks can be installed

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Improving Flue Gas Tunnel Reliability

Seen in Nitrogen + Syngas: Joe Quintiliani and William Russell of Blasch Precision Ceramics discuss methods of improving the reliability of primary reformer flue gas tunnels

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StaBlox Reformer Tunnel System

Install your next flue gas tunnel in half the time with our NEW patent-pending StaBlox reformer tunnel system