Founded in 1979, Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., an Albany, NY based ceramics manufacturer, produces net shape, highly engineered ceramic products and refractory components for a wide variety of industrial markets worldwide. These industries include specialty alloy production, non-ferrous metal processing, chemical/petrochemical processing, power generation, industrial process heating and mining.

- Chemical Processing -

We supply precast ceramic shapes for the chemical process industry where high temperatures, abrasion and difficult chemicals are found

- Molten Metals -

Blasch manufactures the highest performing ceramic products and materials for the containment, control and refinement of molten metal

- Mining -

Contact Blasch for abrasion resistant silicon carbide products including cones, piping, valves and nozzles for separation, classifying and slurry transportation of ore

- Heavy Industrial Processing -

Blasch high temperature, corrosion and abrasion resistant ceramic lining systems and shapes are used in heavy industries worldwide

- Industrial Process Heating -

Our high temperature resistant ceramic kiln furniture and burners are used in furnaces and kilns around the world

- Power Generation -

We offer abrasion resistant silicon carbide products including nozzles, piping, valves and sleeves to replace or line steel components used in the power generation industry

Featured Product

VERKAPSE Hydrocyclone Liners

Take wear resistance to the next level with our Verkapseā„¢ polyurethane encased hydrocyclone liners

Featured Video

StaBlox Reformer Tunnel Outperforms Traditional Brick Installation

Watch this brief animation comparing installation time of our StaBlox flue gas tunnel system to a traditional brick tunnel

Featured Article

Blasch Ferrules Featured in Sulphur Magazine

In a recent issue of Sulphur Magazine, B. Lamb of MECS, M. Donaghue and R. Gosling of RCR Energy and L. Leonforte of Incitec Pivot discuss the skill, expertise and creative solutions needed to properly maintain an acid plant waste heat boiler.


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