Blasch offers a range of mullite compositions for use in some of the more difficult industrial environments.  Mullite is known for its high temperature hot strength, resulting in excellent resistance to hot deformation under load (creep), offering tremendous structural stability, even at the highest temperatures.  Mullite also exhibits excellent thermal shock resistance and remains chemically inert in most environments. 

We will work with you to engineer whatever customized solution your process requires.  Typical Blasch mullite based products include:

Sulfur Recovery

Blasch has been serving the sulfur recovery market for over two decades and in this time has developed a number of patented innovations that have allowed operators to run longer campaigns with greater reliability.  Our unique forming process allows us the freedom to design virtually without constraint to optimize the end user’s process. 

VectorWall Mixing Checkerwall


Steam & Primary Reforming

Reformers and fired heaters are high temperature enclosures designed to provide the maximum amount of high quality heat at the lowest operating cost to a variety of chemical processes.  These are energy intensive pieces of equipment, with critical reliability implications, and Blasch has developed products for these areas that increase reliability, reduce installation time, and lower the overall thermal mass, and therefore, the cost to operate. 

StaBlox™ Flue Gas Reformer Tunnel System

Burner Nozzles, Pilot and Flare Tips