Blasch Announces Passing of Board Member

Albany, NY – September 28, 2015

Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., an Albany-based ceramic technology manufacturer, announces the passing of Board member Mike Dranichak.

“Mr. Dranichak was a highly respected board member with comprehensive manufacturing knowledge and business experience. Our thoughts are with Mr. Dranichak’s family”, said Blasch’s President and COO Jack Parrish.

Mike Dranichak was the founder of Crellin Corporation, now Sonoco-Crellin Inc., a Senior Vice President of Operations of Albany International Inc. and a Chairman of L&B Industries.

“Mr. Dranichak has been a member of Blasch Precision Ceramics’ Board since 1998. He shared the Board’s strong commitment for Blasch Precision Ceramics and during these years he has been a valuable contributor to the success of the company”, stated Dave Bobrek, Chairman. “We are extremely saddened by his passing. Mike will be missed, as a friend and as a colleague.”

Michael Dranichak