Engineered Ceramic Solutions

Blasch Precision Ceramics focuses on improving efficiency, performance, and sustainability across a wide range of industries. Our products are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs where other products fall short. Using our engineering and technical expertise, we create better-performing products and craft entirely new products to fix complex problems with innovative solutions.

Custom engineered ceramic shape products

Engineered Solutions

Molten metal being poured

Molten Metals

High-performing ceramic products and materials for the containment, control and refinement of molten metal.

Aerospace & Medical Casting Die Casting Continuous Casting Investment Casting Powder/Atomizing Alloy Production

Chemical processing and refining factory

Refining/Chemical Processing 

Pre-cast ceramic shapes for the chemical process industry with high temperatures, abrasion and difficult chemicals.

Sulfur Recovery & Thermal Oxidizers Steam Methane Reforming 
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Secondary Reforming/GTL/Syngas 
Sulfuric Acid Production TiO2 Production Flaring/Chemical Destruction 
Steam Cracking Carbon Black

Power generation station with 4 visible smoke stacks

Power Generation

Abrasion-resistant silicon carbide products including nozzles, piping, valves and sleeves to replace or line steel components offer superior wear.

Fossil Fuels Biomass, Pulp & Paper, Gasification, Transmission 
Alternative Types: Fuel Cells, Solar, Battery, Transmission

Construction vehicles in a mining site


Abrasion-resistant silicon carbide products including cones, piping, valves and nozzles for separation, classifying and slurry transportation of ore.

Classifying, Separation, Mixing Hydro Metallurgy Pyro Metallurgy

Heavy industrial processing plant from the outside

Heavy Industrial Processing

High temperature, corrosion and abrasion-resistant ceramic lining systems and shapes used in heavy industries.

Cement Production TiO2 Production Iron Ore Pelletizing Pet Coke Glass Production Building Materials Manufacturing Wireline Industry Silicon Production

Industrial process heating equipment

Industrial Process Heating

High temperature, resistant ceramic kiln furniture and burners used in industrial furnaces and kilns.

Sintering, Firing, Calcining, Annealing, Heat Treating Furnaces Semiconductor