Product Information Sheets

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Blasch Metal Ferrules
Download more information about our metal ferrules.
Blasch Products for FCCUs
Blasch has two decades of experience in distributor grid nozzle manufacturing.
Blasch Induction Furnace Lining Product Line
Blasch Ceramics offers a complete furnace lining system, with the most advanced materials and products available.
Blasch ALRAM 4041
Read more about ALRAM 4041.
Blasch ALRAM 3030
Read more about ALRAM 3030.
Blasch OXYTRON™ 015XDII – Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide
Read more about OXYTRON 015XDII
Blasch Thermocouple Protection Tubes
Download more information about our Ceramics Thermocouple Protection Tubes.
Blasch Air Heater Inserts
Download more information about Air Heater Inserts.
Blasch SINTRON™ – Silicon Nitride
Read more about Sintron Silicon Nitride.
Blasch ALTRON™ – Alumina Bonded Silicon Carbide
Read more about Altron™ Alumina Bonded Silicon Carbide.
Blasch NITRON™ – Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide
Read more about Nitron™ Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide.
Blasch OXYTRON™ – Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide
Read more about Blasch Oxytron™ Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide.
InVinCer by Blasch® – Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide
Read more about Reaction Bonded Siliconized Silicon Carbide products.
InVinCer by Blasch® – Recrystallized Silicon Carbide
Read more about InVinCer Recrystallized Silicon Carbide.
Blasch ULTRON™ – Sintered Silicon Carbide
Read more about InVinCer Ultron Sintered Silicon Carbide.
Blasch Petrochemical Solutions
Download general overview of ceramic offerings for chemical processing.
Blasch HexWall™ for SRUs
Download more information on HexWall for Sulfur Acid applications.
Blasch VectorWall™ Mixing Checkerwall
Download more information on our VectorWall mixing checkerwalls.
Blasch FCC Air Distributor Nozzles
Learn why Altron™ is a perfect solution for a severe FCC environment.
Blasch VERKAPSE™ Hydrocyclone Liners
Download more detailed information about hydrocyclone liners for mining applications.
Blasch DuraLadle™ Ceramic Auto Ladle
Download more information about DuraLadle ceramic auto ladles.
Blasch CeraLoop™ Furnace Linings
Download more information about CeraLoop channel induction furnace lining.
Blasch ProCaster™ Ceramic Crucibles
Find out more about our ProCaster line of high-performance ceramic crucibles.
Blasch InterLok™ Crucible System
Download an overview of the Interlock segmented crucible lining system.
Blasch StaBlox™ Flue Gas Tunnel Blocks
Learn more about Stablox™ for flue gas tunnels.
Blasch One & Two Piece Ceramic Ferrules
Download information about ferrules for chemical processing.
Blasch Specialty Alloy Products
Download an overview of our products for Specialty Alloy production.
Blasch SiClone Mechanical Dust Collectors
Eliminate costly metallic components with precast silicon carbide construction.
Blasch Elbows, Pipe & Spool Linings
Download information regarding our CeraLine Elbows, Pipe & Spool Liners.
Blasch Products for Heavy Industrial Processing
Read more information on ceramics for Heavy Industrial Processing applications.
Blasch Products for Mining Applications
View ceramic solutions for the various processes within the Mining industry.
Blasch Industrial Process Heating Products
Click to learn more about our products for Industrial Process Heating.
Blasch Products for Power Generation
View our complete line of products for various processes for Power Generation.
Blasch Products for Cement Industry
Click to review our comprehensive product offering for the Cement Industry.
Blasch Non-Ferrous Metal Products
Download information on our ceramic products for non-ferrous metal processing.