Blasch Introduces New Silicon Carbide Material

Albany, NY – August 27, 2020


Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc. is an expanding Albany-based manufacturing company specialized in ceramic technology. With recent developments in our materials, we are pleased to introduce our latest generation of OXYTRONTM – Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide: OXYTRONTM 015XDII.

OXYTRON 015XDII is designed for outstanding thermal shock, corrosion, and wear resistance coupled with excellent non-wetting characteristics for nonferrous metallurgical applications. Blasch processing techniques offer the market-leading ability to create very intricate and precise shapes. This combination of characteristics makes OXYTRON 015XDII a material unlike any other material on the market.

“015XDII offers a novel material to the marketplace,” commented Keith DeCarlo, Ph. D., Vice President of Technology at Blasch. “The microstructure is engineered in such a way that a continuous/ dendritic silicon carbide phase is present throughout the product; which offers very high resistance to mechanical erosion/ wear (ASTM C704 test <2.4cc loss) while still providing outstanding resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion.”

This material can be a solution in many processes across many markets. It will allow users to achieve more efficiencies such as longer run times, less scrap, less maintenance, and cleaner end products.

“We are excited about the possibilities of this material,” commented William Russell, Blasch Precision Ceramics Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “Our process allows for almost limitless geometric capabilities, and to combine that with the properties of OXYTRON 015XDII gives us the ability to solve many problems that our customers have.”