Blasch Launches Completely Redesigned Website

Albany, NY – August 18, 2015

Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., an Albany-based ceramic technology manufacturer, is pleased to unveil their completely redesigned website at

In order to offer customers an enhanced user experience, and in response to the ever-growing mobile landscape, Blasch announces a complete redesign and several key structural changes to their website.

Among the updates, an industry specific, streamlined navigation allows visitors a quick, direct line to the ceramic solution(s) they are looking for. In addition, resources such as whitepapers and videos are now accessible within each product page, as well as centrally within a dedicated resources page.  Lastly, the website is now mobile responsive, regardless of the device on which you are viewing it.  Whether using your cell phone, tablet or desktop – you will be able to view, read and download the same content.

“We realize that a substantial amount of product research is done online, even when dealing with complex shapes and components,” commented Ted Collins, Blasch Precision Ceramics Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “With that in mind, we set out to create the most organized, user-friendly website to help our visitors in their search, while also giving clear access to a team member here at Blasch.”