Blasch Now Stocking StaBloxTM Top Fired Reformer Flue Gas Tunnel System Components

Albany, NY – August 10, 2023


Blasch Precision Ceramics, an Albany-based manufacturer, provides innovative solutions for the world’s toughest refractory applications. Blasch produces premium quality net shape refractory ceramic shapes and systems for a variety of manufacturing and process industries throughout the world, including aerospace metal processing, chemical processing, petrochemical refining, power generation, non-ferrous metal processing, industrial process heating, mining, minerals processing, cement, and wear. 

Recognizing the path to a sustainable future lives in the technologies of hundreds of companies, and in the way these technologies are integrated to form green and blue processes, Blasch has decided to make the technologies it has developed, meeting that criteria, as available as possible to those developing those processes. 

One such product is the StaBloxTM Top Fired Reformer Flue Gas Tunnel System.  The interest in hydrogen and ammonia as carbon-free fuels has led to a surge in projects aimed at producing those fuels, ideally minimizing carbon emissions at the same time. 

The StaBloxTM Top Fired Reformer Flue Gas Tunnel System is a key enabling technology in the production of hydrogen and ammonia, and when integrated into such projects, helps to lower the overall level of carbon emissions by increasing the efficiency of the steam methane reformer.  This is achieved by reducing the percentage of unreacted fuel, known as methane slip, caused by uneven heating in the reformer. 

Last, but certainly not least, supply chain interruptions have increased lead times across all industries.  Running a reformer with collapsed tunnels is notably less efficient, but companies are forced to run this way while waiting for brick availability.  They are then forced to shut down for the time it takes to rebuild.  By holding StaBloxTM inventory, Blasch will be able to contribute to quicker turnarounds, ultimately minimizing the impacts felt by a collapsed tunnel.

Blasch’s patented StaBloxTM Tunnel System is designed for an extremely fast and easy installation, offering a much higher level of reliability with customizable interlocking blocks and highly engineered, mortar-free expansion joints. Because of the geometry of the blocks in the base, walls, and customized structural lids of the Blasch StaBlox Tunnel System, installation is reduced to a tiny fraction of the current install time with considerably less manpower required.