Blasch Precision Ceramics: An Essential Supplier Supporting Critical Industries

Albany, NY – March 21, 2020


COVID-19 has had devastating global impacts. We are deeply saddened by the loss of life, and the overwhelmingly negative impact on our normal way of life. Companies around the globe are struggling to maintain operations, while supply chains have been severely distressed. New York State has taken unprecedented steps to reduce population density, including today’s Executive Order that all non-essential businesses reduce their workplace staffs to zero.

Please be advised that Blasch Precision Ceramics has been designated as an Essential Business, and as such we will have necessary manufacturing personnel on-site as per normal, to ensure minimal disruption to our customers. We are proud to serve many industries that are crucial to the quality of life that we as Americans enjoy. Blasch’s products are used by manufacturers in supply chains that result in end-products such as jet engines used in military operation, domestic and international power generation infrastructure and equipment, agriculture fertilizers, critical chemical processes and also medical prosthetics. Truly, the list goes on, and we are proud to be so integral to these essential industries, and will continue to operate in support of these mission critical markets throughout this crisis.

At Blasch, we have taken aggressive but necessary steps to reduce workplace density and safeguard our employees. In turn, we are confident that these measures will maximize our ability to fulfill customer requirements, according to expectations. We have also polled our critical supply chain, and have been given assurances that our Key Suppliers are solid, and operating at levels that will satisfactorily meet our needs, so that we can meet yours.

Please rest assured that we at Blasch take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously. We understand that you rely on timely fulfillment in order to run your processes. We value your business and your confidence. We ask, in turn, that you please inform us of any changes in your operations that could impact your needs. Communication (two-way) is critical in order to ensure minimal disruption to your supply. Please feel free to contact your Sales Representative, Customer Service, or me at any time the need should arise.

We wish you all positive health and best wishes as we work through this crisis together.


Very truly yours,


John R. Parrish  
President and CEO  
Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc.