Blasch Precision Ceramics to Exhibit at AFPM Cat Cracker Seminar 2018 in Houston, Texas

Albany, NY – July 20, 2018

Blasch Precision Ceramics will exhibit in this year’s AFPM Cat Cracker Seminar in Houston, TX August 21-22, 2018. Learn more about Blasch products, process, and technology for high temperature abrasion solutions at Booth 59.

AFPM – American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufactures Cat Cracker seminar provides a forum for refiners to meet and share information on the technological advances and regulatory developments that affect the design, operation, and maintenance of FCC units. The seminar is designed for people who solve the problems associated with the operation and maintenance of FCCUs. Whether you are in Operations, Technical Service, Maintenance, Reliability, or Process Engineering, you will find a comprehensive program that meets your needs for improving your FCCU’s operation and reliability.
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“Blasch manufactures some of the highest performing materials such as AltronTM – ABSC available for use in the cat crackers that often replace metal components or hexmesh castable traditionally used. Our AltronTM brings wear resistance often found in technical ceramics along with thermal shock, corrosion resistance suited for FCC Units,” commented Tim Connors, Senior Market Manager – Energy & Chemicals for Blasch.

“We are excited to meet with representatives from companies in need of products to address wear & life issues in their cat cracking units. Years of developing unique solutions for Sulfur Recover Units, coupled with the development of a unique silicon carbide-based material has given us inertia when coming up with solutions for cat cracker abrasion.”

Blasch has significant expertise all of these environments and has developed a number of abrasion resistant silicon carbides that can stand up to these conditions and may be cast into a variety of close tolerance, complex shapes that can be used for everything from the air grid nozzles to large vessel linings.