Blasch Stands Together, United, in This Time of Distress

June 3, 2020


Given the events of the past week, we believe it is important to make a statement regarding our unity, as a company.

At Blasch Precision Ceramics, we are a diverse team, made up of men and women of a variety of races, countries of origin, religious beliefs and educational backgrounds. We are bound together by our commitment to delivering customer value, respecting one another, and working according to our shared corporate values:

  • Innovate
  • Relentless Pursuit of Results
  • Passion
  • Ownership
  • Respect - Teamwork

Many of us at Blasch have worked together for many years, have experienced the ups and downs of business life, and as a result, have gotten to know one another well as colleagues, teammates, and even friends in many cases. Respect has always been a significant personal value that we believe in and was one of our original values first vetted by General William Martin many years ago. Perhaps we have taken Respect for granted because it has been so basic and expected in our professional existence. We will take this moment to reassign it’s prominence among our Core Values – amending our Core Value of Teamwork (the value will now be defined as Respect – Teamwork).

We have worked with purpose throughout the coronavirus pandemic, operating as an Essential Business. We are proud to serve many industries and customers that are crucial to the quality of life that we as Americans enjoy. Blasch’s products are used by manufacturers in supply chains that result in end-products such as jet engines used in military operation, domestic and international power generation infrastructure and equipment, agriculture fertilizers, critical chemical processes, and also medical prosthetics. Truly, the list goes on, and it is humbling to be so integral to these essential industries. As a team, we have accomplished great things, together, throughout this challenging period where many of us have been forced to work away from our facility while our manufacturing team fulfilled customer promises at the facility. We are pleased to now be coming back together, as our remote workforce starts to return to our building. Team synergy with technical acumen is an important element of our value proposition to our customers.

At the same time, we are very distressed by the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd last week in Minneapolis, and also the recent events of violence and destruction that have been triggered as a result. As a diverse team, we are committed to fighting against racism and discrimination in all forms. As a company, we stand for equality for all, regardless of race, creed, country of origin or any other characteristic that makes human beings unique. We also believe that protesting is an effective means to make positive change happen, and our country has a long history of this, but we abhor the related violence and destruction of property and businesses that have come on the heels of the protestations. We need positive dialog among our political and community leaders so that we can transition this troubling period into a betterment of society for all.

We at Blasch stand together, united, at this time of distress. We understand the pain that recent events have caused our colleagues in the minority community, and we all share in that pain. Our company is strong because of our people. All of our people. We will work through this new challenge as we have the last, committed to each other and our customers, and look forward to better times ahead.