Introducing our Two-Piece ProLok™ Twist & Lock Ferrule

Blasch Precision Ceramics announces their newest two-piece ferrule – the patented ProLok™ Twist & Lock Ferrule.

Blasch’s new ProLok™ Twist & Lock two-piece ferrule is the latest addition to their ceramic boiler ferrule product offering, which boasts hundreds of installations in a variety of waste heat boiler applications. The bayonet-style positive lock engineered into the Blasch Pro-Lock Ferrule allows the head and stem to literally twist and lock into place, offering improved reliability by preventing the stems from walking out of the tubesheet due to vibration in service.

“We pride ourselves on our continuous-innovation approach to product line management, and strive to remain ahead of customer needs. As such, we are proud to offer yet another enhancement to a product we have been supplying to the industry for over twenty years,” commented Les Lak, Blasch Precision Ceramics VP or Operations and Systems. “We developed a two-piece ferrule variant two years ago in response to industry demand. To take the product one step further, we drew on our design expertise and the proprietary Blasch process to manufacture near-net shape ferrules with this patented twist and lock feature.”

This twist and lock feature ensures that the stem portion of the ferrule is positively engaged into the ferrule head, while retaining the ability to move relative to one another in order to accommodate variations and inaccuracies in the tubes and tubesheet.

Blasch has significant expertise in high temperature processes within refineries. They have developed a number of patented systems that continue to improve processes and lower costs worldwide.