Introducing Wear Resistant FCC Air Distributor Nozzles


Blasch Precision Ceramics announces their newest ALTRON™ wear-resistant product.

Specifically designed for the Petrochemical Industry and the demands within Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU), Blasch’s new ceramic FCC Air Distributor Nozzles manufactured from Alumina Bonded Silicon Carbide – ALTRON™ – exhibit exceptional wear and corrosion resistance which results in less downtime and ultimately decreased catalytic loss.

“Our research staff continually strives to produce the best and most cutting edge materials and shapes in the industry,” commented Dr. Keith DeCarlo, Blasch Precision Ceramics Research and Development Manager. “The wear and corrosion resistant properties of ALTRON™ make our Air Distributor Nozzles a perfect solution for the severe environment within the FCCU. Once installed, Blasch’s highly abrasion resistant Air Distributor Nozzles far outlast traditional high alloy steel or even other ceramics.”

The Blasch ALTRON Air Distributor Nozzles are engineered as ceramic/metal assemblies that can be welded in place of existing steel nozzles giving engineers freedom to worry about other parts of their FCCU turnaround.

Blasch has significant expertise in high temperature processes within refineries. They have developed a number of patented systems that continue to improve processes and lower costs worldwide.