Live Webinar | Understanding the Impact of a Collapsed Flue Gas Tunnel in a SMR

Albany, NY – August 26, 2019


Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc., a growing Albany-based manufacturing company specialized in ceramic technology, announces a live webinar, October 16th at 8am and 2pmET, entitled “Understanding the Impact of a Collapsed Flue Gas Tunnel in a SMR.”

In collaboration with PTQ/DigitalRefining, the live webinar will present an in depth analysis on the effects of operating a reformer after removing just a single tunnel, leaving the rest in place. The resultant flue gas flow field is analyzed by looking at temperature profiles, residence time distribution, areas of re-circulation, and predictive conversion effectiveness.

This 30-minute webinar presents Blasch’s modeling methods and significant efficiency and financial impact findings, and allows time to answer participant questions.


Jeff Bolebruch   
VP of Sales   
Blasch Precision Ceramics


For the convenience of our global audience, this webinar will run at two different times on 16 October. This registration page is for the Americas session (2pm New York time).

Register for the webinar at the PTQ/DigitalRefining website.