New Steam Methane Reformer Technology for Improved Performance

In this recorded presentation, learn about the mechanical and reliability features of…

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StaBlox Installation Video

Watch this short video to see how Blasch’s fully engineered and stackable…

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Blasch VectorWall Product Overview

In this video presentation, learn about refractory design and the process that…

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Blasch Ferrules Product Overview

From the very basics, learn about waste heat boilers, their applications, and…

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Blasch Products for Mining Applications

Tim Connors – Senior Market Manager-Energy & Chemicals, presents several ceramic solutions…

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Blasch CeraLine Product Overview

In this short video by Tim Connors, Blasch Senior Market Manager-Energy &…

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Blasch Products for Non-Ferrous Applications

In this short video, Phil Geers, Senior Market Manager-Molten Metals, review products…

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Blasch Products for Industrial Process Heating Applications

Tim Connors, Senior Market Manager-Energy & Chemicals, presents how Blasch addresses severe…

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Blasch Products for FCCUs

Tim Connors – Senior Market Manager-Energy & Chemicals, presents several ceramic solutions…

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InterLok Segmented Crucible Lining Systems White Paper Presentation

In this Video, Phil Geers the Senior Market Manager-Molten Metals, presents a…

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Analysis of Thermal Stresses on Core Setters

This technical paper presents an analysis in finding a solution to reducing…

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Blasch ProLok Ferrules – Twist & Lock Feature

Blasch ProLok Ferrules have a cast in place twist & lock bayonet…

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Verkapse Hydrocyclone Liners

Take wear resistance to the next level with the Verkapse™ Hydrocyclone Liner.…

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DigitalRefining Webinar Replay – Understanding the Impact of a Collapsed Flue Gas Tunnel in a Top Fired Steam Methane Reformer

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DigitalRefining Webinar Replay – Hydrogen Production to Sulphur Recovery

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Blasch Ultra High Alumina Thermal Shock Test thumbnail

Ultra High Alumina Thermal Test

See the superior thermal shock resistance of 99.7% Ultra High Alumina Ferrules.

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SRU checker wall

VectorWall™ Instructional Video

See how easily VectorWall can be installed, saving time and money.

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BLASCHfinal040414 HD thumbnail

VectorWall™ Overview Video

Improve reaction furnace efficiency and process throughput with VectorWall.

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Split Flow, 2 Zone Furnace thumbnail

The Science Behind VectorWall™

Learn the science behind VectorWall and how it improves your reaction furnace…

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DuraLadle™ Auto Ladle

DuraLadle never requires coating and is completely non-wetting to aluminum.

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blasch-procaster-crucibles thumbnail

ProCaster™ Ceramic Crucibles

High alumina ProCaster crucibles optimize metal purity and maximize campaign life.

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InterLok Tongue & Groove Liner

See the benefits of the segmented crucible lining system for super alloys.

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Blasch-StaBlox-Demonstration thumbnail

StaBlox™ Build Demonstration

Watch as Blasch engineers easily assemble a StaBlox™ flue gas tunnel system.

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StaBlox™ 3-D Animated Video

Compare StaBlox flue gas tunnel and a brick wall side by side.

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Ceramic Ferrule Installation

Watch how quickly and easily our ceramic ferrules can be installed.

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Product Information Sheets

Oxytron™ Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide


Read more about OXYTRON 015XDII

Read More
ceramic thermocouple protection tubes

Thermocouple Protection Tubes

Download more information about our Ceramics Thermocouple Protection Tubes.

Read More

Air Heater Inserts

Download more information about Air Heater Inserts.

Read More


Read more about Sintron Silicon Nitride.

Read More
alumina bonded silicon carbide


Read more about Altron™ Alumina Bonded Silicon Carbide.

Read More
nitride bonded silicon carbide


Read more about Nitron™ Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide.

Read More
Oxytron™ Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide


Read more about Blasch Oxytron™ Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide.

Read More
reaction bonded silicon carbide

InVinCer by Blasch® – Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide

Read more about Reaction Bonded Siliconized Silicon Carbide products.

Read More

InVinCer by Blasch® – Recrystallized Silicon Carbide

Read more about InVinCer Recrystallized Silicon Carbide.

Read More
sintered silicon carbide


Read more about InVinCer Ultron Sintered Silicon Carbide.

Read More
Blasch One & Two Piece Hex Ferrules

Petrochemical Solutions

Download general overview of ceramic offerings for chemical processing.

Read More
Blasch HexWall

HexWall™ for SRUs

Download more information on HexWall for Sulfur Acid applications.

Read More
vectorwall mixing checkerwall

VectorWall™ for SRUs

Download more information on our VectorWall mixing checkerwalls.

Read More
fcc grid nozzles

FCC Air Distributor Nozzles

Learn why Altron™ is a perfect solution for a severe FCC environment.

Read More

VERKAPSE™ Hydrocyclone Liners

Download more detailed information about hydrocyclone liners for mining applications.

Read More
DuraLadle Auto Ladle

DuraLadle™ Ceramic Auto Ladle

Download more information about DuraLadle ceramic auto ladles.

Read More
ceraloop channel furnace

CeraLoop™ Furnace Linings

Download more information about CeraLoop channel induction furnace lining.

Read More
ceramic crucibles

ProCaster™ Ceramic Crucibles

Find out more about our ProCaster line of high-performance ceramic crucibles.

Read More
Blasch InterLok Segmented Crucible Lining Systems

Interlok Crucible System

Download an overview of the Interlock segmented crucible lining system.

Read More
stablox flue gas

StaBlox™ Flue Gas Tunnel Blocks

Learn more about Stablox™ for flue gas tunnels.

Read More

One & Two Piece Ferrules

Download information about ferrules for chemical processing.

Read More
atomizing nozzles

Specialty Alloy Products

Download an overview of our products for Specialty Alloy production.

Read More

SiClone Mechanical Dust Collectors

Eliminate costly metallic components with precast silicon carbide construction.

Read More
ceraline ceramic lined spool

Elbows, Pipe & Spool Linings

Download information regarding our CeraLine Elbows, Pipe & Spool Liners.

Read More
burner nozzles, pilot, and flare tips

Heavy Industrial Processing

Read more information on ceramics for Heavy Industrial Processing applications.

Read More

Mining Products Overview

View ceramic solutions for the various processes within the Mining industry.

Read More

Industrial Process Heating Products

Click to learn more about our products for Industrial Process Heating.

Read More
reactor vessel linings, components, bubble caps, tuyeres

Products for Power Generation

View our complete line of products for various processes for Power Generation.

Read More
Heavy Industrial Process_cropped

Products for Cement Industry

Click to review our comprehensive product offering for the Cement Industry.

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Blasch Rotary Degassers

Non-Ferrous Metal Products

Download information on our ceramic products for non-ferrous metal processing.

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White Papers

Blasch’s Thermal Shock

Materials that tend to be stiff and brittle are more prone to…

Read More

Blasch’s Silicon Carbide

The properties of silicon carbide can be manipulated based on the forming…

Read More

Improved Ferrule and Tube Design for Prevention of Film Boiling in SRU Waste Heat Boiler

In November 2005, an improved tube and ferrule design was installed into…

Read More

Partners in War

Learn about the many grades and compositions of ceramics that Blasch has…

Read More

Improving Thermal Conditions and Reducing Process Costs for Core Setters

In 2019, Phil Geers, Senior Market Manager-Molten Metals, presented a further analysis…

Read More

Effects and Analysis of Thermal Stresses on Large Induction Furnace Refractory Linings

Learn more about how the Blasch InterLok Segmented Lining System is engineered…

Read More

A New Kind of Tunnel Vision

In this article, take an empirical look at the operating data of…

Read More

Installation of a New Flue Gas Tunnel Design Concept and Resulting Operation

In 2018, LSB’s Cherokee Nitrogen facility in Cherokee, Alabama installed new…

Read More

Answering the Right Questions

“Answering the Right Questions” challenges the process owner and their refractory designer…

Read More

Effect of SMR Tunnels on Flue Gas Flow

The influence of tunnels on the flue gas flow in a steam…

Read More

Analysis of Thermal Stresses on Core Setters

Learn more about how Blasch is able to achieve the ideal properties…

Read More

Impact of a Collapsed Flue Gas Tunnel Top Fired SMR

The overall influence of tunnels on the flue gas flow in a…

Read More

Rethinking Refractory Design

Learn why refractory performs much better and lasts much longer.

Read More

Improving The Flow

Learn how your SMR could benefit from faster maintenance, quick…

Read More

Filling the Gap: Addressing Skill Shortage in Construction Industry

Ceramic technologies address critical skills gap in the construction industry to cut…

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Boost Reliability in SMR & SRU

Boosting Performance and Reliability in Your SRU & SMR

Learn about Blasch’s ceramic solutions for improving efficiency in SRUs and SMRs…

Read More

Abrasion Resistant Alumina Bonded Silicon Carbide Air Grid Nozzles

Learn why ALTRON air grid nozzles are a superior choice over metal…

Read More

Reliability in Recovery

Improving and maintaining the mechanical reliability of the sulfur recovery unit (SRU)…

Read More

Field Experience with the Blasch VectorWall Reaction Furnace Checkerwall

In the Q1 2014 issue of PTQ, Jeffrey Bolebruch of Blasch Precision…

Read More

Unique Furnace Challenges and Highly Customized Designs

In the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Sulphur Magazine, Blasch partner MECS discusses…

Read More

Hard Choices

In the December issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering, Tim Connors, Ted Collins and…

Read More

Extended Heat Exchanger Life

Blasch Precision Ceramics has designed an alternative to Ni-Hard cast iron inserts…

Read More

Improving Flue Gas Tunnel Reliability

Learn how the reliability of primary reformer flue gas tunnels can be…

Read More

Reformer Furnace Revamp

The ability to design and construct tunnels using new highly-engineered refractory shapes…

Read More

Ceramics Win the War on Erosion

In this article, Tim Connors, Senior Market Manager-Energy & Chemicals, discusses the…

Read More

All-Round Ceramic Protection

Erosion can significantly reduce the operational life of cement production equipment and…

Read More

Case Studies

015XDII Use Case

Imagine having the capability to engineer almost any geometric shape with a…

Read More

Sulphur 2015 Furnace Technology Paper – MECS

Find out why MECS made the Blasch VectorWall their standard offering for…

Read More
S3CS Case Study

Self-Supporting Structural Ceramic Systems (S3CS)

Blasch S3CS solutions maximize efficiency and gain an ROI on technology investments.

Read More

Tessenderlo Kerley Claus SRU Case Study

Blasch VectorWall™ offers significant process improvements & longevity over traditional checkerwall.

Read More

Rapid Waste Heat Boiler Retubing at IPL Mount Isa

Learn how Blasch Hexwall™ contributed to the successful retubing at IPL Mount…

Read Now

Invincer by Blasch RSBC Arrowheads Use Case

Learn how one plant improved product life by 5X over metallic components…

Read More

Pinova Chooses Ceramic SiClone Dust Collector

Pinova Solutions Works With Blasch Precision Ceramics to Create a Turnkey Ceramic…

Read More

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