VectorWall™ Furnace Internals New Standard for MECS® Sulfuric Acid Plants

Albany, NY – October, 29 2014

Blasch Precision Ceramics is pleased to announce the adoption of patented VectorWall™ ceramic furnace internals as a new standard for the MECS® Spent Acid Regeneration (SAR) technology.  MECS, Inc. (MECS), a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont and part of DuPont Sustainable Solutions, is installing proprietary VectorWall ceramic furnace internals into all new and revamped SAR decomposition furnaces to ensure optimum performance in the areas of mechanical integrity, mixing, and reduced NOx formation.

“Reducing NOx emissions is a focus throughout the world.  With the VectorWall technology, we can offer our customers staged combustion for low NOx emissions with no increase in furnace residence time,” says John Recar, Senior Process Engineer at MECS.  “Not only are we rolling out this technology in all of our new SAR designs, but we also are excited to implement this technology in revamp designs to help customers get the most out of their existing furnaces.”

Blasch Senior Market Manager, Jeff Bolebruch, sees the collaboration with MECS as a win-win.  “We’ve seen the performance benefits that VectorWall can bring to the Claus market.  Now, we’re excited to see similar benefits extended to the sulfuric acid industry through the world-leading licensor, MECS.”