Arrangement of checkerwall interlocking blocks

HexWall™ Checkerwall Interlocking Blocks

The Blasch HexWall is a versatile, mechanically stable system consisting of a series of stackable six-sided blocks incorporating alternating tabs and slots on each side that are designed to ensure the blocks are positively locked together at installation. It is offered in a highly creep resistant mullite bonded composition designed to resist deformation under load.

Blasch patented HexWall™ checkerwalls offer the plant operator a simple to install, mechanically robust, readily tailorable solution to furnace reliability issues.

Blasch’s HexWall technology uses hexagonal ceramic blocks that interlock somewhat like tongue-and-groove flooring. Because the blocks are locked together, they remain remarkably stable, regardless of expansion and contraction caused by thermal cycling.

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Field Experience with the Blasch Vectorwall Reaction Furnace Checkerwall

In the Q1 2014 issue of PTQ, Jeffrey Bolebruch of Blasch Precision Ceramics, Mossaed Y Al-Awwad of Saudi Aramco and Meng-Hung Chen of CPC Corporation discuss a new design of Claus furnace checker wall which delivers improved mechanical performance and process flow characteristics.

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