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StaBlox™ Compromised Tunnel Replacement for Top-Fired Steam Methane Reformer Flue Gas Tunnels

Patented Blasch StaBlox are a superior alternative to bricks when replacing a collapsed or compromised flue gas tunnel, offering several key advantages including...

•    Mortar-free assembly for easier, more accurate thermal growth accommodation
•    Faster assembly compared to traditional bricks
•    Common sizes available for immediate delivery

Unlike traditional brick tunnels that rely on mortar and often fail due to thermal cycles and poor expansion joints, the StaBlox system fits together without mortar. Its lightweight, structurally stable roof assemblies are highly resistant to high-temperature creep.

U.S. Patent #10,605,456

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Quick Assembly: The interlocking design of StaBlox blocks allows for rapid and easy assembly, enabling tunnels to be built in hours instead of days. This process doesn’t require skilled masonry work, minimizing downtime and quickly getting your reformer operational.

Pre-Fired Components: StaBlox system components are pre-fired and ready for immediate use upon installation. The interlocking design eliminates the need for mortar and additional curing, significantly reducing the critical path of your foundry work.

In Stock: StaBlox blocks and various common sizes of lids and bases are available for immediate shipment, ensuring quick responses to unexpected situations and avoiding the delays associated with brick lead times.


Mortar-Free Assembly: Traditional flue gas tunnels often fail due to mortar cracking and deteriorating under thermal stress. The StaBlox system eliminates this issue with a mortar-free assembly of interlocking blocks, increasing tunnel longevity and reducing maintenance.

Integrated Expansion Joints: StaBlox blocks have built-in expansion joints that accommodate thermal growth, reducing structural distortion and cracking. This ensures the tunnels remain stable and operational for longer periods, minimizing maintenance frequency and extent.

Reduced Overall Mass: The StaBlox system cuts tunnel mass by up to 60%, leading to more even cooling and enhanced thermal efficiency. This reduces thermal stress on components, decreasing wear and tear and the need for maintenance.

If you have a full rebuild in the future, the Blasch StaBlox reformer flue gas tunnel system is a fully customizable system, with all the mechanical benefits discussed above, plus the process improvements from BD Energy Systems’ patented TOP technology. Installing a tunnel now is an investment, eliminating the need for replacement during a full rebuild. Learn more about the improvements you can expect from the full StaBlox system here.

Product Information Sheet

Webpage: StaBlox™ Flue Gas Reformer Tunnel System for Top-Fired Steam Methane Reformer Flue Gas Tunnels 

Enhanced efficiency and performance with the Blasch StaBlox Flue Gas Reformer Tunnel System, in collaboration with BD Energy Systems' patented TOP™ technology. Engineered orifice inserts ensure near-uniform flow along each tunnel, promoting even heating and reducing tube hotspots. Benefits include a 2-3% reduction in methane slip, lower pressure drop, more uniform tube life, and fewer emergency shutdowns. This revolutionary solution optimizes full tunnel sets, delivering significant process improvements.

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Video: StaBlox 3D Animation

In this video, see how quickly the StaBlox™ Flue Gas Reformer Tunnel system can be assembled compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar tunnel. The video demonstrates the efficiency and ease of installation of the StaBlox™ system, highlighting its modular design and rapid setup, which significantly reduces downtime and labor costs. The animation provides a clear comparison, showcasing the innovative interlocking blocks that make the construction process faster and more reliable.

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Video: StaBlox Installation

In this video, see how Blasch’s fully engineered and stackable StaBlox parts can be installed orders of magnitude faster than traditional brick-and-mortar tunnels. The video highlights the efficiency, ease of assembly, and the innovative design of StaBlox, demonstrating significant reductions in installation time and labor costs.

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Video: Understanding the Financial Impact of a Collapsed Flue Gas Tunnel in a Top Fired Steam Methane Reformer

In this webinar, learn about Blasch's innovative modeling methods and findings on the significant efficiency and financial impacts of using tunnels in a steam methane reformer. The webinar demonstrates how the presence of tunnels enhances flue gas flow, improving overall efficiency. It provides insights into how running a reformer without tunnels can decrease efficiency, underscoring the importance of proper tunnel design. 

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Video: StaBlox Build Demonstration

In this video, watch and see how easy it is to stack the StaBlox interlocking blocks into place to build the tunnel system.

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Presentation: Understanding the Impact of a Collapsed Flue Gas Tunnel in a Top Fired Steam Methane Reformer

This presentation focuses on the effects of operating a reformer after removing just a single tunnel, leaving the rest in place. The resultant flue gas flow field is analyzed looking at temperature profiles, residence time distribution, areas of re-circulation, and predictive conversion effectiveness.

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