Air grid nozzles

Air Grid Nozzles 

The wear and corrosion resistant properties of Altron™ make our CeraLine™ FCC air grid nozzles a perfect solution for the severe environment within Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units. Reliability and maintenance engineers worldwide rely on Blasch high performance Altron FCC Air Distributor Nozzles. Engineered ceramic/metal assemblies can be welded in place of existing steel nozzles, giving engineers freedom to worry about other parts of their FCCU turnaround. Once installed, Blasch’s highly abrasion resistant Altron FCC Air Distributor Nozzles far outlast traditional high alloy steel or even other ceramics, making it easier for you to achieve financial performance objectives by optimizing catalyst efficiencies, maximizing cat cracker life and eliminating costly maintenance/replacement costs traditionally found in metallic components.

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In the December issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering, Tim Connors, Ted Collins and Jeffrey Bolebruch of Blasch Precision Ceramics offer insights in material selection for abrasive applications with specific reference to the use of abrasion resistant alumina bonded silicon carbide air grid nozzles.

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