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ALRAM Backup Ram

A great lining system requires a great backup ram material. Blasch ALRAM ramming mixes have been custom engineered to provide a non-sintering, tight-packing backup with a temperature rating over 1,650C or 3,000F. Available in standard bagged packaging, with custom packaging available upon request.

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ALRAM 4041 has been designed with industry best packing and particle size distribution making it ideal for top-performing furnaces, especially those using Blasch Interlok linings.

ALRAM 3030 has been similarly designed to work with any monolithic crucible from 5lb to 1000lbs. 
Combine Blasch Procaster crucibles, slip plane, plastic topping, and backup ram for a complete engineered installation package.


  • Ultra-high alumina mixes are designed to match perfectly with Blasch ProCaster crucibles
  • Ram and crucible thermally expand together to provide the best thermal shock resistance
  • Higher insulation value than MgO backup provides better heat retention
  • Advanced designed particle packing distribution provides excellent packing every installation


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