Collection of burner nozzles, pilots and flare tips

Burner Nozzles, Pilot and Flare Tips

Blasch supplies oxidation resistant burner nozzles (tiles), pilot and flare tips for OEM and end-user industrial combustion and furnace applications. We manufacture burner components in a variety of oxide (alumina and mullite) and non-oxide (silicon carbides – sintered, nitride and reaction bonded) which all exhibit outstanding chemical resistance and thermal shock performance.

Low mass nozzles can be retrofitted to replace thick castable block-style (tiles) integrated into fiber-lined furnaces in round or slotted configuration for high velocity burner applications. And ceramic pilot and flare tips offer greatly improved oxidation resistance over alloy steels, often at lower cost.

Our engineers have also developed materials suited for hydrogen fuel combustion in severe reducing environments.  Traditional alumina/silica formulations will degrade over time in these environments and as the industry pushes to eliminate CO2 emissions in fired heaters, the use of 100% hydrogen is becoming more prominent.  In reducing environments (high presence of hydrogen) non-oxides traditionally will do better.  Materials such as Silicon Carbide often do well, but an alumina that has low or even no silica can be a favorable and serve as a reliable alternative.  Silica (SiO2) is often the Achilles heel in reducing environments as it gets reduced by a “getter” of oxygen.  SiO2 becomes H2O & SiO and the burner tile will degrade over time.  As such, the refractory system and tiles in these furnaces needs to adapt in order to live up to the standards the process/equipment owner expects.  

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