nozzles, down spouts, pour spouts

Nozzles, Down Spouts, Pour Spouts

Used in the cast house, atomizing area, as well as other casting departments for flow control and metering, Blasch parts offer very precise and repeatable control giving operators assurance that each and every part will perform exceptionally. Nozzles, Down Spouts, and Pour Spouts are available in Blasch materials including our Oxytron™, Nitron™, Fused Silica, Zirconia, Aluminum Titanate, and Alumina ceramic with proven non-wetting characteristics for easy cleaning and use. The Blasch ceramic process allows for high tolerance nozzle geometry to provide an accurate fit between nozzle and rod for precise metering and flow.

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  • Excellent thermal shock characteristics
  • Reduced spalling and erosion
  • Close as-cast dimensional control
  • Custom-designs to suit your specific needs


  • Cleaner metals with few impurities extracted from the nozzle
  • Improved performance reduces operating costs
  • Tightly controlled bores/exits for precise powder sizes and required flow dynamics
  • Inlet geometries designed to accommodate on/off or metering control using a stopper rod
  • Minimal nose erosion
  • Cast sharp edges for fine powder production and spraying
  • Cast threads and precise angles for ease of attachment
  • Mating stopper rods for use in bottom-pour crucibles and ladles
  • Variety of anti-vortexing designs available

With decades of engineering expertise in molten metal applications, Blasch engineers can design parts that will fit into your current or new casting system while taking into account all the necessary process parameters.



At our Blasch headquarters test lab, our team of ceramic engineers rigorously tests our product to withstand the stress of thermal shock.

  • Modulus of Rupture (strength testing)
  • Archimedes density (density validation)
  • Thermal shock resistance (rapid temperature changes)
  • Creep deflection (deformation measurement)
  • Corrosion resistance (oxidation resistance)
  • Wear resistance (abrasion and force)



For atomizing system review and new project design, our team of design engineers use FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to analyze stresses of our material under varying temperatures and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to simulate fluid flow of liquids and gases. These methods can be applied for evaluation of tundish flow through a nozzle and spout.


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