Silicon carbide oxytron oxide bonded silicon carbide material


OXYTRON 015XDII is Blasch’s latest generation Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide, developed for exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. This material can be formed into very intricate and precise shapes with the Blasch process and exhibits outstanding thermal shock and abrasion resistance coupled with excellent non-wetting characteristics for nonferrous metallurgical applications. This material can be a solution in many processes across many markets. It will allow users to achieve more efficiencies such as longer run times, less scrap, less maintenance, and cleaner end products.

The microstructure of this material is engineered in such a way that a continuous/ dendritic silicon carbide phase is present throughout the product; which offers very high resistance to mechanical erosion/ wear (ASTM C704 test <2.4cc loss) while still providing outstanding resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion.


  • High dimensional tolerance
  • Superior thermal shock
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Smoother surface compared to cast iron
  • Completely non-wetting to aluminum
  • No coating required

Key Material Properties

Composition64% SiC 
27% Al2O3 
3.4% SiO2
Apparent Porosity14.5%
Modulus of Rupture (room temp)6,261 PSI
Bulk Density176.7 lb/ft3
Erosion Resistance (ASTM C704)1.8 cc loss

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