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Stopper Rods, Metering Pins

Used in the cast house as well as other casting departments for flow control and metering, Blasch stopper rods and metering pins offer very precise and repeatable control, giving operator’s assurance that each and every part will perform exceptionally. Stopper Rods and Metering Pins are available in Blasch materials including our Oxytron™, Nitron™, Fused Silica, Aluminum Titanate and Alumina ceramic with proven non-wetting characteristics for easy cleaning and use. The Blasch ceramic process allows for high tolerance rod and tip geometry to provide accurate metering and flow every time.

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  • Nose geometrics designed to accommodate on/off or throttling application
  • Variety of gripping means
  • Excellent thermal shock characteristics
  • For use in conjunction with bottom-pour-crucibles and ladles


  • Cleaner metals with fewer impurities extracted from the Stopper Rod
  • Reduced spalling and erosion
  • Lower costs due to improved performance
  • Custom-designed products to suit your specific needs
  • Minimal nose erosion

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