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Vortex Finders, Thimbles, Dip Tubes

Production plants worldwide rely on Blasch high performance pre-engineered modular ceramic Vortex Finders, Thimbles and Dip Tubes specifically engineered for calcining cyclone applications in sizes up to several meters in diameter.

With a variety of highly abrasion resistant compositions available, Blasch engineers assist both OEM’s and single cement plants in achieving financial performance objectives by:

  • optimizing calcining efficiencies
  • maximizing cyclone life 
  • eliminating costly erosive wear on downstream equipment

Our Vortex Finders, Thimbles and Dip Tubes are designed for highly abrasive, alkaline and high temperature processes such as cement, lime, dolomite, gypsum, coal and the production of other similar materials.

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All-Round Ceramic Protection

Erosion can significantly reduce the operational life of cement production equipment and speed up the replacement of key components. The use of abrasion-resistant precast ceramic parts can be a sound alternative to expensive metallic shapes or cast refractory.

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